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    Get tips for inspired living

    Feeling uninspired with your living situation? The Live Everywhere Newsletter is here to keep you in the loop on luxury real estate & travel trends so you can live here & there

      What is Creative, Modern Retirement?

      At 60, I’m noticing that my family and friends are vibrant and healthy, choosing to maintain an active and engaging lifestyle. My sister and her husband own a home in Grand Lake, Colorado. They also have a motor coach so they can take month-long road trips across the United States to see all the places they’ve dreamed of visiting.

      A dear friend and her hubby moved to a small town in the Mexican Baja where they can hike, learn Spanish via full immersion, and eat fabulous local cuisine. Yet another girlfriend, who is widowed, has chosen to live in an active retirement community to meet new people and play pickleball. And there’s the idea of slow travel as a way to explore, like hiking the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage in Spain.

      There is a great trend afoot!

      We’re Redefining Retirement

      Retirement, once a straightforward concept, is evolving with the changing times. For Boomers and Generation Xers, the traditional model of retiring after decades with one company, receiving a pension, and living in the family home has transformed into something more dynamic and varied.

      As we approach retirement, we find ourselves healthier, wealthier, and with more options than ever before. Here’s how today’s retirees are embracing creative retirement:

      The Traditional Retirement Model

      Previous generations followed a predictable retirement plan:

      • They worked diligently at a stable job or career, often with one company.
      • At age 65, they retired and began to relax.
      • They owned a family home where they raised their children.
      • Pension plans and Social Security provided financial stability.
      • They meticulously maintained investment accounts.
      • Government healthcare programs began to provide support.
      • They aimed to leave a financial legacy for their children and grandchildren.

      This model was successful for many, providing a secure and structured transition into retirement. However, today’s retirees are exploring new ways to enjoy their golden years.

      The New Retirement Paradigm

      Today’s retirees are shaking things up and redefining what retirement looks like, exploring creative and exciting routes to experience a fully engaged life as an active elder.

      Here’s how:

      1. Embracing Health and Wealth – We are healthier and wealthier than previous generations, with access to better healthcare, technology, and information. The internet, solar powered energy, and mobile phones have revolutionized our lives, offering endless opportunities to stay connected and informed.

      2. Pursuing New and Exciting Goals – Our goals are unique and exciting, reflecting our desire to walk new paths. Whether it’s starting a new hobby, traveling the world, or even launching a second career, the possibilities are endless.

      1. Navigating the Go-Go Years – Retirement can be divided into three phases: Go-Go, Slow-Go, and No-Go years. The Go-Go years are marked by high energy and activity, where retirees take full advantage of their newfound freedom. As time progresses, activities may slow down, but the spirit of adventure remains.

      2. Enjoying Diverse Lifestyles – Today’s retirees come from all walks of life. Whether single, married, widowed, or part of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a place for everyone in this new retirement landscape. Inclusivity and acceptance are hallmarks of modern retirement. Additionally, many more of us are single via a “silver divorce,” where we choose to separate based on differences in our new paths and purpose.

      3. Finding the Perfect Home Base – The appeal of a rocking chair on the front porch remains, but the location of that porch may vary. Retirees are exploring different living arrangements from seasonal homes to international residences, multigenerational living or renting to suit their evolving lifestyles. I’m a firm believer that the revamped reverse mortgage is a great option for many.

      4. Adapting to Post-COVID Realities – The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our lives profoundly, prompting many to rethink their retirement plans. Flexibility and adaptability have become essential as we navigate these uncertain times.


      Modern Retirement: Is It Retirement at All?

      As we redefine retirement, we must ask ourselves if it’s even retirement anymore. What if it’s now a time of rejuvenation and reinvention, a period to pursue passions and dreams that were set aside during their working years. The traditional concept of retirement is giving way to a more fluid and fulfilling phase of life.

      Our Modern Reset

      Creative retirement is about embracing the opportunities that come with our unique circumstances. By staying healthy, exploring new goals, and adapting to the changing world, we can create a retirement that is as vibrant and dynamic as we are.

      Whether it’s starting a new adventure, finding a new home, or simply enjoying the freedom to do as we please, retirement today is anything but traditional. So, let’s celebrate this new era of retirement and make the most of our golden years!

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